Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Weekday morning long runs are stressful...

At least today's was. I was scheduled for a 7 miler, what Hal calls the sorta long run. I spent the first half trying to rush myself because I knew i'd have to get into the office by 8. I don't know how I'm going to fit in the long weekday runs once they hit the 9, 10 mile mark. I'll be out there for an hour and a half.. May be best to confine those efforts for after work, when I can decompress. Then there's the fact that it's cooler in the morning..

Crap, the things I think about during my run. It was good, by the way, thanks for asking. A major wind storm hit the city and I saw quite a few tree parts lining my running route. My calves were still tight from the fact that I didn't stretch properly yesterday, but they loosened up and I was able to maintain a decent slow pace... Ended up with 12.1K (7.5 miles).


Ryan said...

Nice run before work.

I'm fortunate enough to have a really short commute - and a relatively flexible start time. Is your boss sympathetic to your marathon efforts?

yumke said...

I have a really short commute (I live two blocks away from work..) And yes, my boss knows i'm in marathon training and I really set my own schedule, so I think the stress is my own, to a point..

In fact, if i'm 10 minutes late, everyone assumes i just took a little longer to run..