Monday, July 03, 2006

Beach reading

... I guess on recovery days, we can relax. R. and I went to the beach today at the Toronto Islands for some sun.. Is it me, but us runners develop crazy tans on our arms and legs and face, leaving my other parts (ie: chest) white! Oh well. R. brought the Sunday New York Times (which I also read parts of) and I brought my running book by Amby Burfoot called The Principles of Running. Picture here was taken with my camera phone with R.'s sandals..


SRR said... chest isn't white! lol :-)

Arcane said...

I completely agree about the tan. I get tan lines even when I wear sunscreen! I've had to resort to switching my watch to the other arm to avoid getting the watch tan line.

yumke said...

ha! running rabbit, yes, i know, I tend to wear sleeveless tops... And arcaner, i calculate that I get about 6 hours in the sun every week just running, not including all that lounging outside time..