Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tempo, a halfhearted one

As I noted yesterday, I consumed three pints. Belgium beer too, very delish. Also inhaled a burger but all my friends raided my fries before I could really get to it. Hey, I tried.

Which is to say that even though I had a few glasses of water before going to bed, I was dehydrated by the morning. But damn it, I need to keep to my speed sessions. So my schedule said it was 35 minute tempo, so I decided to run 2K (1.25 miles) to warm up, then do 4K (2.5 miles) at tempo pace, then warm down for 2K.

Being dehydrated meant my heart rate went up faster, started the tempo at 83% and the final km was at 93% (I ran that the faster.). I don't have proper mile splits but my four kms were at the following paces (7:09, 7:18, 7:17, 6:48)....

Total run was 8.2K (5.1 miles)

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