Tuesday, July 18, 2006

NY Times: How to run marathons in the heat

Very nice article from the New York Times about how we run in the heat (okay, how elites run in the heat) and it has some good advice.


Anonymous said...

Great article, thanks for sharing! I can't believe one of the runner has to eat up to 5000 cal a day to be in shape for that training! Imagine, he gets bored eating.... :S

Wish that could apply to me! ;-)

Garou said...

I figured it would be a much shorter article, along the lines of "Here's how to run a marathon in the heat: Don't!"

5k is a lot of food - even on my long run days, I don't break 4k, and most days I probably only get 3-3.5k, at most.

I wonder how he does it - he sleeps 10 hours at night, 2 hour nap in the day, runs 140 miles per week - where does he find the time to eat?

yumke said...

sonia: 5000 calories a day.. healthy calories, i can imagine a lot of eating.. fat-laden calories... even then, that's a lot of food.

Garou: ha, i know, eh.. i only dream about sleeping up to 10 hours.. i'm lucky some nights (as most of you probably) if i can get 7 hours...