Sunday, July 16, 2006

Chicago countdown: Week 15 complete, 97 days to go

Last night, I decided to get up at an ungodly hour for a Sunday. 6 a.m. for my long slow distance run. I knew it'd be warm today, so my goal was to beat the heat.

I missed my alarm, but I rose at 6:10 anyways. I was out the door at 6:40 a.m., with sunscreen piled on, the Camelbak filled with Gatorade. It was a nice 22 degrees by the time I headed out.

Took the same route as last week when I did 13 miles, but the aim was to add at least one, maybe two, miles. I took a picture this week of one of the hills. It doesn't look that steep in the picture, but it's fricking steep!

I was pleased with the run. I maintained my heart more or less within the range, averaging 149 BPM or 79%. One thing about my GSP. I ran in a lot of neighbourhoods with trees and down streets with short storefronts. I think my GPS added about a mile cause it's wonky. So by the end, I thought I'd put in 15 miles. I went back to Gmaps to map it out and it turns out it was 14.2 miles or 23K (here's the route). I'll take that. This week was supposed to be a 13 miler week but I did that last week, so I'm pushing ahead a bit with the long runs.

I'm feeling good having done my long run by 9 a.m., which left plenty of time to have bacon, sausage, eggs, toast and a lot of potatoes. With Gatorade, which R.'s mom thought looked like Windex window cleaner. I guess us runners are an odd lot. Oh, I forgot to mention that I ran 11.5K or 7 miles on Saturday. It warm enough at 8:30 that it made me run early today..

My mileage is down slightly this week from last (only 1K) mostly cause I did a lot of short three milers to prep for Friday's race.

Weekly total: 62K (38.5 miles)
Time run this week: 5:11:43
Year to date: 1,290.5K (802 miles)
Marathon training to date: 238.5K (148 miles)


LeahC said...

i LOVE the big breakfast after a nice long sunday run. nice job and that hill does look steep....especially to my flatland chicago eyes

yumke said...

Thanks, i'm still full and it's four hours later..

Is the Chicago course that flat?