Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stopping to smell the flowers... well, not really

This is the view of my little garden in my little box in the sky, also known as the waterfront condo. Today's run was supposed to be marathon pace, which means that there's no stopping, jogging or stopping to smell the flowers.

Surprisingly, despite have a few beers, lots of food and little sleep, I was up to the task of maintaning the marathon pace for the 12K. My overall pace per km was 4:46, only 1 second away from the target (or 7:40 miles compared with a target time of 7:37.) This is good, I feel like I am memorizing my speed levels and know what different gears feel like.

My heart rate spiked after I tackled a big hill and I never stopped or jogged to get it down. No biggie, but something I should work on.

Tomorrow's a nice step-back 10 miler and despite feeling like I could do more, i'll more or less stick with the recovery week's plan.

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