Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chicago countdown:Week 13 complete, 83 days to go

My poor little Asics GT2100, put into action a few days before my marathon training began, has a total of 324K (201 miles). I'll have to seriously look for my next pair in the next three weeks cause i'll have to start figureing out what to wear on race day.

Yup race day is coming, only 83 days to go. Holy crap!

This was a nice recovery weekend, today I ran 17K (10.6 miles) and it went well. I think I found my long-run pace for hot weather, or 5:30Ks or 8:50 miles. It's bumping at the upper 70% range, so maybe I'll bring it down a little when the long runs start hitting the 16 mile range and higher..that's next week.

Weekly total: 64.5K (40 miles)
Time run this week: 5:36:07
Year to date: 1,426K (886 miles)
Marathon training to date: 374K (232.5 miles)

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