Friday, July 07, 2006


Thank God I'mnotrunning Friday! Today is a great day. A good friend of mine is back from New Zealand and he has a hankering for the best chicken in the planet (at least to us in Canada). It's Swiss Chalet. He's the same guy who I witness drink the chicken sauce on a dare... Anyhow, we then go drinking. So thanks to Hal Higdon who gives me Friday's off to 'recover'.

And in the absence of a running post, here's my Haiku that our Chicago blogfather Bob encourged us to do on his Haiku Thursdays.

Farklets and tempos
We run them weekly on time
They bring suffering


Anonymous said...

Hum... swiss chalet! Have you ever been to St-Hubert restaurants? There are tons of those in Quebec and 2-3 in Ontario (mainly cities close to qc border...)? It's even better than SC!!

I got my Forerunner 201 yesterday and tried it out this morning, was so excited could barely sleep! It was great I love this toy!!! Did 5.8 miles at an average pace of 10:28 min/mile. I still have to learn to properly use it and can't figure out how to upload the stuff on my pc... but I'll learn!!

Take care, have a great rest day and w/e!

Frankie said...

I was there when the this New Zealand fella drank the SC sauce's a true story. And a funny one too.

yumke said...

Sonia:Yup, Swiss Chalet. I think i've had St-Hubert. Anyways, everyone I know from outside Ontario seems to hate Swiss Chalet. Me, I think it's somewhere between fast food and chain restos.

And congrats on the Garmin and your pace looks nice and healthy! keep on running.

Frankie: Yep, you were there, and our friend was recalling that he felt he almost died after drinking it sauce.. the hazards of eating.

kelvin said...

I can't believe you guys didn't wait for me! I too will be back in town and am rarin' for some Swiss Chalet.

yumke said...

I think i'll be ready for another round of the chalet, KC.. can't wait ta see ya!