Friday, July 21, 2006

What kind of runner are you?

There are slow runners, fast runners, those in the middle of the pack, the back. There are penguin waddlers, bouncing runners and smooth runners. There are those who line up close to the front, then there are the elites. Are we the same, or are we different? What motivates us? What motivates you?

Jelly got me thinking about that with one of her recent posts, about how she was a little frustrated with the group she's running with. They don't run her pace and she was constantly left behind. It made her feel bad and, well, made running not fun.

There are some who run for fitness. I think I put myself into that category. There are some who run it for stress relief. I also do that. There are some who do it to challenge themselves. I suspect there are more than a few of us who keep training schedules by our desks do so for that purpose.

There are some who get into running because they're naturals. I would hazard to guess that there are not many of us.

One of my co-workers says he's not a gifted runner. He's a fellow journalist but his past running stories -- and numbers -- tell me he was quite a runner. A mile in 4:02. A kilometre in 2:22, which still is the 7th fastest time recorded in Canada. He would run home from work (20K or about 12.5 miles) in 'a little more than an hour'.. WHAT?

I ask if he's every run or train for a marathon. He says he's out of shape and would not want to do that distance. He ran because he wanted to be good at something, and he was good at running. I wondered aloud if he ever did it for the love of it.. I don't think I got an answer.

This made me think, what kind of runner am I. I like running well at races, but I know the only thing I'll really contend with is my own expectations. I love it for fitness, can't find a more effective exercise for me. I love it for the simplicity, nothing more easy than to throw on some runners and head out the door, whether it's winter and 10 below, or summer and 30 above.

Yep, I'm no fairweather runner. I'm in it for good, a lifetime even, if these legs hold out… So what kind of runner am I. I run. Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

I'm a juggling runner. I'll never be the fastest runner, but I do have a shot at being the fastest juggling runner, or joggler. If you can't win at their game, make up your own.

Just Your Average Joggler

Liv said...

I LOVE this post! One of my very favourite things about running is how it's for everyone. How, even if you're not lightning-fast or whippet-thin, you can show up to a race with hundreds of others who are in it for many of the same reasons - fun, fitness, challenge. There are the elites. And there are the rest of us. And both groups are every bit as welcome.

yumke said...

Joggler, that's amazing. I can't even juggle.. i'm in awe of anyone who can juggle while running..

Liv, me too, such a lovely thing we do, isn't it.. So inspiring running on the waterfront trail this morning. so many groups and individuals, so friendly too. This is why I run