Thursday, July 27, 2006

'You're looking good...'

That's the sort of thing I tend to hear in races, usually at the time or place when I'm hurting the most. Say, the 8K mark of a 10K run. Or the halfway mark of a half-marathon. Said scenario usually unfolds:

Me thinking: 'Breathing too hard, legs starting to hurt, losing steam'

Them: 'You're looking good'

Me: 'You talkin' to me?!'

Or this, more likely scenario:

Me: Final mile or kilometre of any race I'm running hard

Them: 'You're almost there!'

Me: 'God damn it, then why can't I see the fucking finish line'

You know..

Today, did my speedwork. Cause I had to be in the office early (on time) and started my run at 6:30, I didn't have time to do the 5x800 intervals, so I settled for a 4K warmup then cram as many 8oos as possible. I got to the high school track and, with sufficent warmups, started my first 800. Took a jogging/walking break, then went to the next.

Then on my second, I passed another runner who was doing intervals. As I was passing, she says 'you're looking good'...

'Thanks,' I say, pleased to hear those words...

Did 11K (6.9 miles) with three intervals. Forgot to mention, but I ran 5.3K yesterday.


Sonia said...

Always great to hear!! Good for you, seemed like a great speed workout.

At races, people mostly tell me to not give up.... hahaha probably because I'm always so red in the face and looking like I'm gonna pass out! =)

I'm in Chicago until Monday! YAY

yumke said...

I love speed workouts, they are my favourite after the long runs