Monday, July 31, 2006

Wrapping up July

Yikes it's hot today, up to 34C. I am not looking forward to my 13K (8 mile) run tomorrow morning. I think the key will be to get out there early. I did this morning and fit in my 5K (3 miles) recovery run.

The month's up and here are some stats.. I'm getting tired just looking at them:
Days run: 27
Mileage: 295.94K (183 miles)
Time run: 25:21:39 (yes, I spent more than a day running)
Average pace: 5:08 (8:16)
Fastest pace: 3:57 (6:21)
Average heart rate: 149 BPM (79%)


Sonia said...

WOW AWESOME STATS!! Seriously, you're like my idol! =)

Chicago was HOT & HUMID on the w/e, even a tornado advisory!

I still saw a lot of people running on the lakefront trail near Navy Pier. I was jealous!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it doesn't matter how early in the morning you get up. I think the low last night was still fairly high. It was 27C at about 5am this morning. That's just crazy.

yumke said...

Sonia, compared to other runners, i barely get out there enough.. see my blog today for why..

I'm scared of hot chicago.. but toronto is also hot..

arcaner, last night's 'lows' were the hottest temperatures ever recorded. in other words, it was the hottest night ever.. yikes.