Saturday, January 24, 2009

And back to business

Runners are a hearty sort, I like think. Too hot a day, and we'll toss off the layers , go out well before dawn to tackle the roads. Too cold, like today, and we'll pile on clothes and head out into the streets with the belief that just a little extra movement will turn our bodies into heat factories, keeping frostbite and the winter's chill at bay.

I love running in these winter days, especially the ones that are like today: A sunny, blue sky but bitterly cold. It really is breathtaking to run beside the lake and stop, in the middle of the run, and admire the ice that's bobbing in the water, or frozen over concrete. It's nice to have the lonely road interrupted by a fellow runner -- some with full ski masks or others who clearly were intent on warming themselves with effort.

Running feels a lot harder at this time of year. The clothes are a weight, the facemask makes breathing -- well, challenging.

But we run on -- some for fitness, some to escape to wide open spaces, others for future races that will be run on a much warmer days.

Me, I run for all of the above. 10K in 56 minutes


Marky Mark said...

In the first five minutes I wanted to cry--it was my eyes that were cold. Then i warmed up but had frozen eyleashes. Glad I went out though-you're right.

yumke said...

Hey, do you run with shades? Maybe that will help. I always have eyewear and my eye lashes never freeze!

Marky Mark said...

I didn't today--I will tomorrow! Not sure why I signed up for a race as if I go I won't do it as a race-so a lot of effort to get there just to do 8K at a leisurely pace-maybe not worth it.