Sunday, January 04, 2009

Perfect pizza in a few easy steps

1. Find the perfect pizza dough recipe. And there is one, found in my Bread Bible book. It makes this amazing crispy yet chewy dough. So unique. When you're making it, you're barely mixing the dough together.

2. Take the time to get it right. This involves first rise, flattening it out, then letting it rise again.

3. Assemble good ingredients. Baby portabellos, pinot grisio salami, baby tomatoes, shallots and from scratch tomato sauce (shallots, garlic and a can of whole tomatoes.. sugar and salt-- simmer until it most of excess liquid evaporates. Okay, we only had cheddar cheese for our first batch.

4. You know, put it in an oven.. usually a pizza stone is good but this works as well on a preheated oven

5. Take her out. Okay, you can see that one half was vegetarian (R's) and mine with the salami and that nomans land of cheese between the zones..

6. Enjoy


Marlene said...

I have been looking for a good recipe for home-made pizza... this looks DELICIOUS! Thanks for sharing.

Sonia said...

Yum! When are you cooking for me!?

yumke said...

It is yummy! Note the pizza dough recipe makes for a 10 inch. I did four times the recipe for two baking trays worth of pizza!

Sonia, I'm trying to cut down on the cooking.. it's marathon training time soon!