Saturday, January 24, 2009

Winter running, a video

Saw this great video by Christopher Shulgan in Toronto. He's running in much the same trails that I do every day so you can get an idea of how awesome it is they've cleared it this winter of snow.


Arcane said...

i recognized ontario place and tip top building and that intersection close to wear you live. How far east does the plowed path go?

Marlene said...

great little video!

Sonia said...

Cool video! Loved it! I agree that not a lot of people are out there when it is that cold. The coldest I've run this year is -36°C and it was VERY cold. But after 10 mins, I started feeling my toes again lol

You're lucky you have a path though, here I gotta share the road with the cars and they are not always keeping safe distance!!

yumke said...

Hey Fran, okay on your behalf I ran east today. I didn't run all the way to Cherry Beach and ran on commissioners. On the way to the Beach, the north side of the road is plowed while the south isn't. The board walk area in Ashbridges is not plowed. Anyways, seems a lot iffier than west to Humber which is all plowed.

Sonia, my lord, -36C is pretty chilly. I've run in those days. The days i'm really scared about are the windy ones.

Arcane said...

thanks for the info. Is that little trail that runs beside the garnder between the yacht club and cherry street plowed? If so, I think I may try a long run down there some time.

yumke said...

Fran, you mean the one hugging the water? I didn't get that south but may try it on a run this week. I ran: East on QQ (the north sidewalk was plowed. After Sherbourne, you got trails with snow and only bikes and footsteps cover it but i think the road on the north side of Lakeshore is all plowed.

I ran on Commissioners which of course means street running. And Lakeshore from Leslie to Ashbridges is plowed on the north side... not south.

hope that helps