Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My list of things to pack for #dctrip09

Ugh, I guess I should plan for this trip. Lots of time will be spent standing outside.

Day to day wear:
-Suit with the usual trimmings for any impromptu bar hopping
-Winter jacket
-Running gear: tights, fleece, shell, gloves
Luckily I have a lot of clothes at R's place.

Inauguration day gear
-Pants: Under Armour running tights, jeans.
-Four top layers: running base layer, middle poly pro, outer layer fleece or zip up, and coat on top.
-Fingerless gloves and a thin glove liner so I can type (bought last week and tried it out a few days ago)
-Handwarmers, toe warmers
-Little bag for accessories
-Digital SLR, point and shoot (and the Blackberry has a camera)
-Pad and paper
-Blackberry with 3 batteries, Cellphone w 2 batteries

-And my computer...

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Anonymous said...

Where are all your gadgets? I guess I am a little overboard. My first thought was to list all my gadgets - lol: