Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Live blogging the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama

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Join us on Jan. 20 as we live blog of the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, from the streets of Washington.

We've done a lot of live blogs in the past, this time we're doing it differently. Most of our participants will be mobile, on the streets of D.C., along the parade route on Pennsylvania or in the National Mall. We're bringing you live messages, pictures, observations, links.

Joining us are:

Kenny Yum, National Post's Managing Editor, digital news. Kenny, a frequent visitor to D.C., is there as a citizen/tourist.
We are using his Twitter account feed which goes by yumke.

The Canadian Embassy's connect2canada Twitter feed will be updated by the staff of the Public Affairs section from the login connect2canada

Students from Worcester Academy in Massachusetts. We wrote about this group of 11 students and their teachers in the past. They'll be writing blog posts, uploading videos and audio. We'll be using their Twitter feed called wainauguration.

Briana Saunders, a student from Kansas City (who went to boarding school in Vancouver Island), has agreed to let us use her Twitter feed. She goes by briana9.

And four students from DePaul University in Chicago, who have also let us use their Twitter feed. They'll be known as dannythedemon

Finally, we'll have an editor in Toronto who will be liveblogging the events as they see it on television and get your comments or questions over to Kenny.

To watch this goodness, click on the button above.

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