Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Signs you're in marathon training

Today it occurred to me during my run today that I've once again hit the training zone. A spring marathon can't be far away.

10 signs I'm so close to starting marathon training.

Sign 1: Since i'm going out for dinner with friends tomorrow, I felt it utterly important to hit my mileage goal for today (6 miles)

Sign 2: First kilometre felt fluid. Was running at an easy 5 minute kilometre and it should be easy running.

Sign 3: Was so happy to be running on the plowed path on the waterfront.

Sign 4: As I hit the originally planned 3 mile mark (for a six mile out and back) I decided to continue on

Sign 5: I continued on for another two miles

Sign 6: And at mile 5, turned back and took my first walk break

Sign 7: The final time was more than an hour

Sign 8: Actually, it was 1 hour, 25 minutes.

Sign 9: On a weekday!

Sign 10: 10 miles, welcome back, the medium-long run!

I was supposed to hit 6 miles today but now that there's snow falling I may miss my planned four miles tomorrow. So luckily I made it up tonight :)

I've narrowed my spring marathon choices to four: the Flying Pig Marathon on May 3, the Ottawa marathon in late May, the Mississauga Marathon on May 10 and maybe, just maybe, the one in Halifax.

Weather is key to all of this. Early May can be perfect marathoning whereas Ottawa has been known to be hot!  Mississauga is windy and not as accessible to me as I'd like. Decisions decisions.

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