Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama's inauguration: Introducing, 'Barack H. Obama'

They were doing rehearsals today in front of the Capitol Hill when I was going by, and I caught them doing the intros for Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

There's been a little bit of a discussion on how Obama would be introduced to the public. Some have said that they'd go with Barack Hussein Obama.

At today's rehearsal, at any point, here's what they used.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the President Elect of the United States, Barack H. Obama"

See video here.


Unknown said...

I really hope they use "Hussein". It would be a great symbol to show that this honoured name is not a dirty word. I can, however, see that Barack is trying to build bridges in order that long term most people will have no issue with him celebrating his full name in the most public of places.

yumke said...

Hey, well, we'll see what they end up doing. I guess it'll be a surprise, but I don't see them straying from the rehearsal script, you think?

Marlene said...

I'm watching some of the coverage on CNN right now - it's pretty amazing that you're so close rto the action.