Thursday, January 01, 2009

The first five miles...

I had earlier decided not to run but after venturing out for coffee, I saw how beautiful it was out. Crisp and cool. Sunny and without too much of a wind. An hour later, I was running around the Mall, around the Tidal Basin and through the FDR memorial and past a gathering at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial -- I caught something about how the Latino youth would 'take over the government and churches'.

On the last bit, back on Constitution in front of the galleries and New Years strollers I threw in a few striders at 10K race pace. Nothing like getting the heart rate up after a sluggish morning and afternoon. Good way to start off the year.

5.3 miles (8.63K) in 44:25

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Marlene said...

Definitely a good start to the year. Sounds like a great run!