Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mississauga Marathon it is!

Okay, I've picked the May 10 marathon in Mississauga as my next big race. I've run the half marathon before and it's close to home. I didn't feel like spending a $1000 plus going to an awesome marathon like Flying Pig at this point.

This is going to be an interesting training cycle. I'm really not feeling like I'm getting the fitness but it'll come. Training, starting Feb. 16th, will be the 55 mile Pfitzinger-Douglas program, exactly the same one I did last year.

I'm looking at last year's training and I see  that I'm going to have to do a few 30 and 40 mile weeks in the next month to prepare. I did 5 miles today so I'm up to 8 for the week. It's going to be tricky to get the runs in DC after Thursday, we'll see.

As for as goals go, I'm hoping to get back to 3:20 or faster fitness. I have a stretch goal of 3:15:59, which would give me my BQ. We'll see how the weather cooperates.

Racing begins in March with a 5K, the 30K Around the Bay (which I've signed up for) and a possible half marathon. April will have me doing at least the Harry Spring Runoff.

Finally, in May, a week before marathon day, one of my favorite races is on, which I missed last year, the Sporting Life


Mark said...

Looks like a great Marathon to run. The Pfitzinger-Douglas program is something I'd never heard of? I checked it out and gathered some insight in how to run LSD runs. It appears to be a great program. Thanks

yumke said...

Pfitzinger is a great program, advanced without being too complicated to understand. It definately is a good program to improve any race distance, although not sure how to adjust it for half marathons, for example.

Marlene said...

Cool! I'll be there as well.

I ran SL10K last year and my quads were sore for days - I'd love to run it again (for a PR!) but I'm worried about having a marathon the very next weekend.

Arcane said...

Good luck with the training! I may do the half or try and see if I can pace the full.